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Fresh Apple Milk Shake Desi Style very healthy.


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Banana Milkshake

Our Banana milkshake is freshly made.


our Beautiful little Story

Once upon a time, in the heart of Punjab, there existed a small town. This town was renowned for its vibrant culture, warm-hearted people, and most importantly, a house that held the secret to an extraordinary delicacy: Biryani. Generations of a family had dedicated themselves to perfecting the art of biryani-making, passing down their closely guarded recipe from one talented cook to the next.

In those days, India and Pakistan were united as one country, and town was located near the border. The fame of this exceptional biryani traveled far and wide, attracting people from distant lands to taste the flavorful dish. But destiny had a different plan in store for the region. Political turmoil and communal tensions forced the partition of the nation, and India and Pakistan became separate countries.

As the borders were drawn, the family responsible for the legendary biryani found themselves on opposite sides. Some members chose to stay in India, while others migrated to Pakistan. This division brought with it a sense of loss and separation, but it could not extinguish the flame of their passion for the delectable cuisine they had mastered.

In Pakistan, the descendants of the family who had stayed behind in the town, remained steadfast in their devotion to the art of biryani. Determined to preserve their culinary heritage, they set up a small restaurant in the bustling city of Blacktown. This establishment was named “myBiryani,” a nod to their deep-rooted connection to their ancestral home and the love they poured into each dish they served.

Meanwhile, across the border in India, the other branch of the family carried the flame of their biryani legacy. They, too, established their own restaurant in a bustling town, where they meticulously recreated the same exquisite flavors and aromas that had made their family’s biryani legendary.

Over time, myBiryani in Blacktown became a beloved institution, renowned for serving the most authentic and mouthwatering biryani in the entire area. The restaurant became a haven for biryani enthusiasts, drawing people from all walks of life who craved the tantalizing blend of spices, fragrant rice, and succulent meat.

The success of myBiryani was built on the foundation of unwavering commitment to quality and taste. Every grain of rice was cooked to perfection, every spice carefully selected, and every ingredient sourced with utmost care. Each plate of biryani was crafted with love and expertise, encapsulating the rich heritage of the family’s culinary legacy.

Word of mouth spread like wildfire, and soon myBiryani became synonymous with excellence. The restaurant’s reputation reached far beyond the borders of Blacktown, attracting visitors from neighboring cities and even foreign lands. People would travel great distances, eagerly awaiting the chance to savor the unforgettable biryani that had captured the hearts and taste buds of so many.

Today, myBiryani stands proudly as a testament to the enduring power of heritage and passion. It serves as a bridge between two nations, symbolizing the shared love for the flavors that transcend borders. As customers walk through the doors of myBiryani, they are greeted by the tantalizing aroma that fills the air, a reminder of the journey that began in Baharat and continues to this day.

The restaurant remains true to its roots, specializing solely in biryani, and it continues to delight customers with its unwavering dedication to quality. With each spoonful of their flavorful biryani, patrons experience a taste that transcends time and place, transporting them to a world where tradition and innovation merge seamlessly.

As the legacy of myBiryani thrives, it stands as a testament to the power of food to unite people, to evoke nostalgia, and to create lasting memories. 


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Dum Handi chicken Biryani is prepared in an earthen or clay pot called Haandi. Popular Indian non vegetarian food

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